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April 29, 2014 by Gmat


Taking the GMAT exam requires a ton of preparation to achieve success. Grad School itself is difficult but perhaps getting accepted is even more difficult. Obviously a strong score on the GMAT helps you achieve acceptance which is why preparation is so important. To prepare, it requires much concentration as the amount of information which needs to be covered can be overwhelming at times. For most people, the best way to study is to take extensive notes which is a great way to help you retain information. By the time someone is ready to take the GMAT, they have often written pages and pages of notes. Obviously to write all of these notes you need a high quality pen which will provide you with both a smooth stroke and reliability.

Make an investment in a pen that will last

Finding a reliable pen can actually be more difficult than you might think. Although pens seem to be available in most places, they are often cheap and uncomfortable to write with. You can tell a pen is cheap very easily by just holding it in your hand. The plastic will crack and the ink will be dried up before you get through the first chapter of your text. For something as important as the GMAT, make an investment in a pen that will last!

Tactical pens are the best investment

Tactical pens are perhaps the best investment any GMAT-taker can make. The best tactical pens will be some of the smoothest writing utensils you can find and are also refillable which means you don’t need to waste your money buying new pens every week. Tactical pens are designed to write in any condition as well so no matter if you are studying in the freezing cold, the rain or a snow storm, a tactical pen will continue to perform.

Tactical pens are also extremely sturdy and reliable. Made of lightweight aluminum which have been specially anodized, a tactical pen will never crack or fracture unless introduced to extreme stress. In fact, even if you are having a real tough time figuring out a problem on the GMAT, you can release your own stress by trying to break the pen in half. You won’t be able to do it though! For more information on how to prepare for GMAT exam, click here.

A tactical pen has a secondary function as a self-defence tool

Although a tactical pen is more expensive than a traditional pen, a tactical pen will last for a long time longer. Furthermore, a tactical pen has a secondary function as a self-defence tool which might not seem like an important thing to carry when studying for your GMAT. However, you just never know when you might need it when a fellow test taker ‘snaps,’ under the pressure.

Don’t leave yourself unprepared for the GMAT. Make your life easier by picking up a tactical pen today.

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