Study Guide Features

  • 99 pages of essential GMAT study tips and concepts
  • In-depth review of all test subjects
  • Test taking Strategies
  • Study tips and winning tactics
  • PDF format
  • Relevant charts, graphs and examples
  • Sample essays
  • Grabbing style, Easy to use and understand

Q n A Features

  • Up-to-date, real exam questions
  • Authentic answers written b y a GMAT expert with over 12 years of GMAT teaching experience
  • Categorized Questions for ease of use and organized study
  • Questions covering every section of the GMAT for a thorough practice
  • PDF format
  • 300 questions- practice makes perfect!

Test Engine Features

  • Offline Simulator
  • Easy setup
  • Select Number of questions
  • Select Section to be tested in
  • Select from a variety of question options such as skip questions answered correct in past, randomize questions or ask questions in sequence
  • Timer: keep variable time limits
  • Pause test: Freeze the timer at any time during the test
  • View answer during test
  • Calculator feature
  • Different Qs types such as
    • True/False, Yes/No
    •  Multiple Choice
    • Short answer and fill-in (Alpha and Numeric)
    •  Open-end (Essay Style)
    • Hot Spot (Graphic and/or Text)
  • Mark Questions: so that can attempt those later
  • Review Status: shows the number of questions marked, number of questions unattempted etc
  • Immediate result showing candidates score, passing score requirement, grade
  • Maintain and print result history

Expert Tutoring Features

  • E-learning dashboard
  • 24 hour support
  • Excellent tutors
  • Over 12 years of GMAT teaching experience
  • Exclusive guidance and tutoring sessions


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